This is our home, where all the pizza & pasta's started in 1977. The original Bordenaro's is a place to enjoy a fantastic Italian meal! See old friends and meet some new!

6108 S.W. 9th Street Des Moines

Lunch- Mon.- Wed.- Fri. 11am - 2pm

Dinner- Mon. Thurs. 4:30 - 10:00pm

Dinner- Fri. Sat. 4:30 - 11:00pm

Call us! 515-287-1607

Catering services available. Please call our S.W. 9th location

Our newest location for some great pizza and pasta's! Located in the Drake area, we are serving up  Bordenaro's pizza just like home!

3018 Forest Ave. Des Moines

Lunch- Mon. 11am - 2pm

Dinner- Mon. - Wed. 5pm - 10pm

Deliver, till 9:30  Sat. 5pm-2am

Delivery till 11pm. Sun 4pm - 8pm 

Call us! 515-279-1607

Come see us at the Well during an action packed sports event, or concert! We would love to see and serve you a tasty slice of pizza at Wells Fargo Arena!

Located at 106, 122, 201 .